Fabric Embellishing book study

I am really excited to finally get started on the FREE on-line book study for Fabric Embellishing: the Basics and Beyond. Liz Kettle and I will be working through the book page by page and you are welcome to come along with us. You do need to have the book and I appreciate all of you for making this book a best seller! I am learning to blog as I go so please be patient with me as I stumble along

To get to the book,go to the Textile Evolution website  Look for the forums tab at the top navigation bar. You will need to register to join the forum. I just need a name and an e-mail so I know I am talking to a real person. Look for the Fabric Embellishing topic and you will find everything you will need there.

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2 Responses to Fabric Embellishing book study

  1. Linda Schwarz says:

    Wow Ruth. A blog now. Good for you!! I am following along in the TE forum and looking forward to the fun. Thanks.

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