Havel’s Scissors

I found these scissors at spring market a year ago and have used them over the last year. I had hand surgery 2 years ago so I always look for tools that will make it easier on my poor thumbs and wrists. I found that the weight(which is very light) the sharpness of the blades(surgical steel grade)and the shape of the handles(large finger openings) helps me work pain free much longer and we all know how important that is! Not only that, the handles are a bright pink so I can find them :)! They are a company out of Cincinnati,Ohio and their website is www. havelssewing.com. My favorite pairs for my hand work are,the 5 1/2 inch embroidery,the small  Snip-Eze and the duck blade applique. These are my constant go to scissors for my stitch play.

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