Most of you know that there is a very dangerous fire burning close to Colorado Springs. I live 1 mile south of the mandetory evacuation zone. On Saturday night Greg and I decided to heed the authorities and have 72 hours of clothes, medicine and valuables ready to go at a moments notice. Then we had to decide what were the most valuble things. I realized in that moment that I could walk away with a few clothes, my meds, and my electronics ie: computer,Nook, and cell phone and I could survive. Perspective is a wonderful thing to look at sometimes.Now I really can understand those people who say Me and my loved ones are alive and it can’t get bettter than that.
That being said, I did pack my hand stitching stuff, and my Bernina 🙂
I will post a tutorial on straight stitches this week so be on the look out for that. I am also working with several companies using felt and Multi Purpose Cloth. It is a challenge but I am enjoying it,

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