Pattern News

One of the problems I have had is finding an economical way to get them out to the public. I had a representative from Indigo Junction in the Multi Purpose Cloth schoolhouse that Liz Kettle and I did for Roc-Lon at Spring Market. She was really interested in the Project Bag pattern and some of the other patterns also.  I am working on this opportunity and hope to have some good news soon.

She was also excited about my book Modern Hand Stitching and how we could incorporate the fun stitches in the book to some of their clothing patterns. I have one of their patterns, Great Fit Gored Skirt and have started stitching on a skirt I just made. It is going to be so fun and I love the fact that it is simple, easy to sew up and fits great! I have used several of  Indigo Junction Patterns and have been pleased with the final garment.  I am posting photos of the skirt as I make progress on Facebook so check it out.

I am having to stitch slow and take my time because I overdid it last week. One more reason to pay attention to my body when it tells me to stop painting!

Happy stitching,


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