I have realized that 25 days away from home is way too long. How do I know? I got a haircut the day before I left and I need one now. I ran out of all the travel size shampoo etc. and had to buy more. My electric toothbrush died, it has a 21 day charge. I washed my clothes twice and they were all dirty when I got home. I could probably come up with a few more but I am home and don’t want to think about it any more.  :O)

That said, it was a great trip both personally and business wise. I always enjoy getting together with people I have met in the past and catching up. I made some new contacts that I am looking forward to pursuing  in the next few months.

My new book Modern Hand Stitching is being very well received and it is exciting to see all that hard work pay off! Both the school-house and the Take and Teach were great.

Today at 2:15 MST I will be doing a live interview with Mark Lipinski on his show, Creative Mojo.  toginet.com/shows/creativemojo  If you get a chance I would love it if you can tune in.

I am in the process of downloading all my photos so stay tuned and I will get them up. I promise!





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Jane LaFazio Reviews Modern Hand Stitching

Check out my friend Jane LaFazio’s blog post about my new book Modern Hand Stitching. She has some terrific examples of her stitches. I love her work.

If you would like a signed copy of the book leave a comment and I can get back to you. Just let me know!



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Virginia Beach

Greg and I flew to Virginia Beach on the 25th of April for our son’s graduation from Regent University. Our son-in-law graduated the same day in Alaska. They are both going on to get their master’s so we are really hoping they aren’t on the same day for that! We are so proud of them both.
Really it was an excuse to go love on our two beautiful granddaughters. :o)
We were able to get to the beach several times. there is just something about playing on the beach with kids that gives you a whole new perspective on life.

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Change is Always Good

I have been away from this blog for quite awhile but decided to start back up. I have been posting on my website www.textileevolution.com.Image

It has been  an eventful year or two for me, I have another granddaughter and my son is graduating in May with honors. I am very proud!

My new book Modern Hand Stitching was released this week. I am super excited and pleased. it has been a long journey to make it into print but it has been worth it. 

I have also produced a few bag patterns and will have those available soon.

I am teaching at Artistic Artifacts in Alexandria Va. the first week of May before I head to Pittsburg for Spring Market. May will be a very busy month but then I am home for the summer.

I will be teaching several classes at Blue Twig Studios this summer and fall. Check them out at www.bluetwigstudios.com 

I have been working single mindedly to finish this book and when it was finished I looked up and wondered what I was going to do next. Liz Kettle showed me a site with Japanese Indigo Boro and I have jumped in with both feet. The word Boro means tattered rags. the Japanese used it as a way to preserve fabrics for everyday use. nothing went to waste. Here is a sample of my take on Boro.


So stay tuned for all the new things I might come across,


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Most of you know that there is a very dangerous fire burning close to Colorado Springs. I live 1 mile south of the mandetory evacuation zone. On Saturday night Greg and I decided to heed the authorities and have 72 hours of clothes, medicine and valuables ready to go at a moments notice. Then we had to decide what were the most valuble things. I realized in that moment that I could walk away with a few clothes, my meds, and my electronics ie: computer,Nook, and cell phone and I could survive. Perspective is a wonderful thing to look at sometimes.Now I really can understand those people who say Me and my loved ones are alive and it can’t get bettter than that.
That being said, I did pack my hand stitching stuff, and my Bernina 🙂
I will post a tutorial on straight stitches this week so be on the look out for that. I am also working with several companies using felt and Multi Purpose Cloth. It is a challenge but I am enjoying it,

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I want to talk …

I want to talk about some hand stitching threads that I have been using that are simply wonderful. If you have never used Valdani threads, floss and pearl cotton you are in for a treat. I first used the silk floss 2 years ago after I purchased a box at sample spree in Houston. The silk floss comes in 6 strand 21 mitre balls and is variegated. The colors are just beautiful and I find that the strands do not tangle much. It is a delight to work with and I urge you to go check them out. They are a small family owned business located in Canada. Check out the photo of Liz Kettle and Carol Ann Waugh at their booth at market in Kansas City!Image

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I just got back from spring market in Kansas City. It was the first time I had been on a trip since I have been sick. I did better than I thought so that was very encouraging.
I will be working on a hand stitching book and some bag and purse patterns all summer. It is exciting to get back into things. I have missed the creative juices flowing more than I could imagine. I will begin posting a monthly tutorial starting in June,be on the look out for it!
Happy stitching 🙂

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